Consulting & Concept
Please request Your personal Information about how my Work would look like for Your Issue and with You. Brand Development, Brand Strategy, Start-Up Profiling and Product Creation.

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FritzFashion Radio 2011
MEK Guerilla Street Catwalk Berlin by ENGEE

Strategic Consultant and Brand Development
with Key Expertise Nature & urban Style

NG [ENGEE] Nikolas Gleber.

After Station in Bogota, Perth and Paris for studies since 2000 Nikolas Gleber settled in Berlin.

As freelance Conceptionist NG supplies Agencies & Companies with the neccessary conceptual Base or Extra in Projects, Events, Images, Online-Appearences and strategic Directions for Success on the Market and in the Media. 
His international Expertise bases on  professional Work as Head of Marketing in the Fashion Industrie and 'Freelancer' in Concept & Production for Authorities, PR-, Event- and Advertising- Agencies, Global Player Companies and the Media.

NG strongly believes in Empathie and Emotions on that rational Facts are built-on.

1) Analysis/ Anamnesis
2) Evaluation
3) Consulting
3) Conception/ Sparring
4) Creation
5) Production

What is a Conceptionist?

I  ] Concept          : The Fundament; Mechanism; USP driven Brand, Product or Strategy Draft. In Time and farsighted.
II ] Conceptioning : The Process of Creation under Use of absolut Knowledge and Client/Task -Refletion.
III] Conceptionist  : The Person, who comes with more than just Craftmenship and Experience - with the given Ability of analysing Abtractive and empahtic Concretion